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Cyber-attacks can cause catastrophic comparisons with nuclear weapons

Welcome to the WorldofArtical. Today, in this article, I will tell you and discuss the information about Cyber-attacks that can cause catastrophic comparisons with nuclear weapons in detail.

Cyber-attacks can cause catastrophic comparisons with nuclear weapons

People around the world may be concerned about escalating nuclear tensions, but I think they miss the fact that a major cyberattack can be just as damaging, and hackers have already laid the groundwork.

As the United States and Russia withdraw from key nuclear weapons deals, and new nuclear weapons preparations may begin, in addition to tensions in Iran and North Korea, which are again experiencing missiles, the global threat to civilization is high. Some fear the new nuclear arms race

This risk is serious. But one can be even more serious, which is less visible to the public. So far, known piracy incidents, including by foreign government sponsors, have done more than steal data. Unfortunately, there are indications that hackers have placed malicious software within the United States' electricity and water system, where it has been waiting, causing it to activate. The US military has allegedly infiltrated computers that control the Russian electronic system.
Too many interruptions already
As an individual studying cyber-security and information warfare, I am concerned that a large-scale cyber attack, spreading to one area or a combination of many small attacks, causes significant damage. Which include Massive injuries and deaths that rival nuclear weapons casualties.

Unlike nuclear weapons, which will make people fever within 100 feet and kill almost everyone within a half-mile radius, most cyberattacks will reduce the number of casualties. Heat can cause people to die in car accidents as a result of food, electricity or gas shortages, or traffic lights. It can occur in a wide area and cause widespread injury and even death.

This may sound alarming, but look at what's happening in the United States and around the world in recent years.

In early 2016, hackers took control of US medical treatment. The United States replaced the chemical compound used for drinking water and for purifying water. If changes were made, and no one was paying attention, it could have resulted in poisoning, inefficient water supply, and dehydration.

Cyber-attacks can cause catastrophic comparisons with nuclear weapons

In 2016 and 2017, hackers shut down key parts of the power grid in Ukraine. The attack could have been much lighter since no equipment was destroyed during the operation. Authorities think the message was designed to send. In 2018, unknown cybercriminals have access to the entire UK power system. In 2019, similar shocks may enter the US network. United States

In August 2017, a petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia was attacked by hackers who tried to take control of a similar electronic product used in all kinds of industrial facilities around the world under their control. ۔ A few months later, hackers shut down oil and gas pipeline monitoring systems in the United States. The United States mainly caused logistics problems, but it showed how insecure contractor systems can cause problems for principals.

The FBI even warned that hackers were attacking nuclear installations. A compromised nuclear installation may emit radioactive substances, chemicals or potential reactors, Milan. A cyber-attack can cause an incident like the one in Chernobyl. The explosion, caused by an inadvertent error, resulted in the deaths of 50 and the evacuation of 120,000 and displaced parts of the region for thousands of years in the future.

Mutually assured destruction
My concern is not to reduce the devastating and immediate effects of a nuclear attack. Rather, it is to be noted that some of the international safeguards against nuclear conflict are not available for cyber-attacks. For example, the idea of ​​"catastrophic destruction" suggests that no country will launch a nuclear war against another nuclear-armed country: this launch can be detected, and the target in response The nation will launch its own weapons, which will destroy both countries.

Cyber ​​attackers are less likely to be prevented. One is that it is much easier to hide the source of the digital raid than where the missile went. In addition, cyber warfare can start small, even targeting a single phone or laptop. Major attacks can attack companies like banks or hotels, or a government agency. But this is not enough to escalate the nuclear-scale conflict.

Nuclear grade cyberattacks
Here are three basic scenarios of how nuclear cyber-attacks can be revealed. It can begin normally with one country's intelligence service stealing, erasing or compromising military data from another country. The aftermath of counter-attacks can increase the scope of attacks and the damage to civilian lives.

In another situation, a terrorist nation or organization could release a massively destructive cyberattack, which could target multiple power utilities, water treatment facilities, or industrial plants simultaneously. This loss can be remedied together with the other.

Probably the most disturbing possibility, however, could be the mistake. On numerous occasions during the Cold War, human and mechanical errors almost destroyed the world. The same can happen with digital field software and hardware.

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Cyber-attacks can cause catastrophic comparisons with nuclear weapons
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