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What are some tips to keep your laptop computer in good condition?

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What are some tips to keep your laptop  computer in good condition

Laptop care
Clean your drive (right-click on Hard Drive Property) with programs such as CCleaner and/or Disk Cleanup Tool. If the fan is working hard, open your laptop and keep it warm.
When you clean your fan-outs (I would say this is good practice every 2 to 3 years), give your CPU a fresh, good thermal thermal paste. The easier it is to do, the lower the risk of any confusion, keeping the temps low. Make sure at least 25% of your drive space is free. If it goes down, get a bigger drive
If your PC has slowed down drastically, it's time to reinstall Windows. Very simple, solving 99% of performance-related problems.

And for goodness sake, move the dry toothbrush to your keyboard and now, remove the dirt from the edges of the keys, place it under the keys and give it a good shock. Repeat until your keyboard feels like the day you bought a laptop. (If you have a very sophisticated laptop with a thin, shallow keyboard, you need to be more flexible in doing so. With most laptops you can go there and work hard.) F On your pass there is a removable battery when you take it out. 'Fitted back into AC. Use the battery once a week to stay fit and recharge. Keep the SSD as your boot drive. If you have the opportunity to replace optical storage with 2K storage, then a bigger capacity. Remove your RAM. Maximizing your RAM gives you better performance. For a moderate price.
What are some tips to keep your laptop  computer in good condition

Back up your data

Make backups of your data regularly. This is a rule for all computers, but especially laptops that are vulnerable.
1. Hold Windows Key + R and then write the services, then search for Windows and double-click on it and turn off its services.

2. Open the battery power settings, then select Create a new power plant, and then create my custom power plan that delivers high performance.

3. Disable some services running in the background using Windows Key + R. And then type Services. Tab Checkout on Services hides Microsoft services, it automatically hides Microsoft services and only shows user services and selects some useless services that slow down your PC performance!

Start your PC again and see if it affects you.
Please note that a "shutdown" does not work these days due to change with a fast start. I recommend you to "hibernate" your device and "start report" every few days. Also, keep in mind that "sleep" can cause problems for some PCs. For example, my PC fan jumps from 1200 rpm to 2300 rpm, and once I put it on "Sleep", I have to re-enable/shut down my computer to 1200 rpm. , It automatically goes to "sleep" after 1 hour of inactivity, because it is not for life unless it is at least "sleep" and sometimes do not put on power management.

Using hit Windows OS;

Turn it off once a day
Keep to sleep when not in use
When a laptop opens, it scans every document on the desktop, so don't store documents on the desktop. Put them in a folder called "Desktop".
Do you really want to take good care of your computer? Then read this article. This article is for those who really want to take good care of their PC.

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What are some tips to keep your laptop computer in good condition?
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