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Best morning yoga exercises to start the day

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5 Best morning yoga exercises to start the day

Morning Yoga Exercises
Practicing yoga has huge benefits for everyone's health and beauty. The characteristic of yoga exercises is the rhythmic coordination between flexible and flexible movements with the breath. Therefore, each movement always has participation in regulating the internal blood gas, making the muscle groups work flexibly. At the same time helps burn fat, enhance metabolism, strictly control weight change.

According to yoga teacher Danielle Acoff, instead of drinking coffee in the morning, you should wake up with a gentle yoga exercise: “The poses increase the heart rate, the body produces heat, stimulates energy. work". Moreover, the nature of yoga does not need you to move with intense, fast. Therefore, this exercise is beneficial for both the body and mind.

Besides, when doing yoga in the morning, you should choose the exercise that suits you based on a number of criteria. The first is the level. It looks light but not all yoga movements are easy to do. Therefore, if you have never practiced it, you should choose an exercise for beginners before advanced exercises.

Also, time and purpose are two factors that you can consider the most. In addition to reducing fatigue, some yoga exercises to help you wake up, support your digestive system, relieve stress, help with anxiety ... The time can also vary, from 5 minutes to a full hour. So don't worry about making excuses, but don't forget to take care of your body.

In the morning, clean air is the best time to practice them and especially practice yoga. Here are 10 specific exercises you should do in the morning to cool off, build muscle, and build your body.

I. The benefits of morning yoga
1. Doing yoga in the morning helps refresh the spirit of the day.
Sanskrit morning calls it "the sacred time of yoga." Due to the calm moment of the morning, the fresh air. This is the best yoga moment of the day, which helps awaken your senses, physique, and energy.

Through deep sleep, every night, practicing Yoga exercises to reduce stress in the morning helps to regulate the body, train us the necessary calm and get rid of the thoughts and anxiety to enter. A new day with a refreshing spirit.

2. Doing Yoga in the morning helps you stay young
One extremely important benefit that makes you should practice Yoga outdoors is that Yoga will help you stay young, full of energy. Yoga movements in an open space will slow down the aging process of the heart, liver, kidneys; at the same time stimulating the body to produce many good hormones for the body such as serotonin, endorphins that make you feel happy, happy and love life. When the body and spirit are always healthy, it will impact a lot on the skin, helping to prevent acne, dark spots, help the skin bright, smooth and look you always young, love life.

3. Doing Yoga in the morning promotes metabolism in the body
A few minutes of morning warm-up with Yoga will help your metabolism "move" along. In this way, your body's metabolism will be more smoothly and your body will burn more calories. Morning yoga also helps stabilize the metabolism from the morning and this process is not hindered by any reason throughout the day.

So, if your job is to sit in the office all day, the more you should do in the morning yoga to "kick start" for the metabolism to work best. This not only helps you reduce fatigue but also reduces the amount of fat that accumulates in the body because it is not burned.

4. Doing Yoga in the morning helps you build a healthier sleeping habit
When you have a habit of practicing Yoga, you will maintain the habit of getting up early at the same time every day. From there, help you formulate the habit of going to bed early, you will get enough sleep and deeper sleep. When you wake up early, you will be able to breathe fresh air that is good for the brain, blood circulation and boost the immune system; help you more alert, energetic and energetic.
Meanwhile, Yoga movements impact deeply on the endocrine system to help the hormonal glands function balance. When hormonal regulation is balanced, you also control the emotional state better to stay happy and optimistic; disease prevention and health promotion.

5. Doing Yoga in the morning helps you always be full of energy
Doing outdoor yoga in the morning will provide oxygen, increase blood circulation. Since then balancing breathing, promoting blood to the heart, go to the internal organs, helping the body to stay healthy and full of energy. In addition, the brain is provided with many oxygens to help the spirit always excited, happy, excited, lucid and better focused. Starting a new day with Yoga exercises will help your body to be healthy, full of energy, always relaxed and excited.

Understanding the importance of practicing Yoga in the morning, most Yoga classes at Yoga Plus Center are held at this time to help students be provided with the energy necessary for daily activities. day. Certainly, you will get abundant health and always be happy in life.

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Best morning yoga exercises to start the day
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